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Firejam is a family.

We are a community driven collective of DIY creatives working together to produce music videos, documentaries, short films, graphics and photography for musicians. As well as this we run events in Plymouth, Bristol and around the UK and act as promotions and bookings management for the bands and artists of the Firejam Familia.

Here you can see our full portfolio of work and read about who we are and what we do.

Any questions please see contact info at the bottom of the page.


music videos  -  documentaries  -  short films  -  graphics  -  photography

Does your band have a new single you need a video for?

Or do you run events or a stage at a festival and would you like an after video?

Do you have a special gig you want filmed and edited? 

Maybe just one or two songs from your next gig?

We use multi channel recording and can provide up to five cameras and operators on the day as well as a couple of static cameras to capture alternate angles and behind the scenes footage.

Recording with Boom Boom Racoon
Filming with JollyRoger

As well as video work we offer music recording sessions to musicians at reasonable rates that won't break the bank. We can record your next EP or album at our home studio in Plymouth or you can send us stems to mix and master.

Bands and artists we've worked with include JollyRoger, Boom Boom Racoon, Fidget and the Twitchers, Nasty Fishmonger and Mr Tea and the Minions as well as events, festivals and promoters including Bearded Theory, Maui Waui, Glastonbury, Fuelled by Cider, Boomtown, Contraband Circus, Convoy Cabaret, Loco Klub and The Nowhere Inn.

events & bookings

Fidget and the Twitchers live

Firejam runs gigs for new, established and unknown artists alike while striving to push for balance and diversity within our lineups, venues and the team we work with. We are a LGBTQ+ safe space and will only work with artists and venues who stand with us.

With a small team we run gigs in Plymouth and Bristol. Occasionally we run gigs in Stourbridge and Bideford as well as help run and manage tours in the UK and Europe. 

In Plymouth we run regular gigs at The Nowhere Inn, as well as occasionally at The Pit and Pendulum and Leadworks.

In Bristol we run occasional gigs at Exchange, as well as The Chelsea Inn and The Red Lion.

We're always looking for people so if you work at a venue, or in a band or play an instrument and shout into a microphone, we want to hear from you. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Our small network of bands, musicians and others have come together to form the Firejam Familia; A 10+ band/artist collective with over 50+ members spread across five counties.

Bands and artists we've worked with: 

3 Daft Monkeys, Alice Northcott, Andrea Kenny, Arif Najak, Aubrey Blakeledge, Babar Luck, Bicycle Repair Man, Boogedy Smak, Boom Boom Racoon, Brian Stone and the Masters of None, Cara Means Friend, Cotswold Trash, Crow, Dean Hutchinson, Emily Cox, Fidget and the Twitchers, Gamma Rave, Greta Lindsay, Hot Flab, Immy Oak, Imprints, Invincible Pigs, Jess Silk, John D Revelator, John E Vistic Rock'n'Roll Soundsystem, JollyRoger, Kayleigh Beez, KermesZ à l'Est, King’s Alias, Pee After Sex, Maxi Rai, Mexican Dave, Molly Samson, Nasty Fishmonger, Pete the Temp, Rita Lynch, Sam Tucker?, Siren Songbird, The Scribes, The Sweetchunks Band, Tim Holehouse, True Foxes, Ukulele Vagabond, Unfunfair, Unity Moon

Boom Boom Racoon live
Jess Silk live
Fidget and the Twitchers live
Boom Boom Racoon live
Nasty Fishmonger live
After party with JollyRoger, Boom Boom Racoon and Boogedy Smak
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